The Easiest Way to Get Your New Job – A v a l a n c h e J o b

Avalanchejob is a job portal with thousands of jobs in all industries and in all countries. Ready University job portal with 0 costs. Total control on the job vacancies posted by Avalanchejob. University can post jobs of their own partners. University can see their students’ CVs, jobs they applied and their employment.

W h a t i s A v a l a n c h e J o b ? AvalancheJob is a tool that helps universities, colleges and institutes of higher learning throughout Europe in connecting their students to their first positions in the professional world. We provide universities with an intuitive and easy to use platform that allows them to have real time access to thousands of job offers for their students. Let us work together in connecting your students to their first jobs. Our platform will help you have access to the best job offers. You have the control to evaluate each job vacancy, to check if it fits your university profile and accept or deny it from being shown on your career platform. This will give a competitive advantage compared to other universities by improving your students and alumni employability, attracting better and more students to enrol at your school. You can also post your own vacancies, the jobs offered by your current partners.

The best part? Our platform is completely free of charge to all academic institutions.